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Posted Date - 10/1/2021Author Name - Ganesh Tiwari

Styava Communities

A web portal for communities revolving around Azure and Microsoft Technologies. This is created to provide communities a platform to showcase their events and write and post blogs regarding their events as well as different things going around in the community.

This was built using ReactJs, TypeScript and TailwindCSS for styling. It relied heavily on ReduxJS for State-Management and for backed we used Squidex.

I am particular proud of this project as it is the best looking of all the projects that I have built till now, as well as I got to learn a lot about state management because of implementation of this project. I came to know a lot about how ReduxJs works and how we can improve performance as well as decrease the number of calls to the backend.

Some of the screenshots of the application can be seen here -


Event Page

You can personally try visiting the website here at - and leave me a message if you have something to say about it.

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