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Posted Date - 8/1/2021Author Name - Ganesh Tiwari

Pragava Health Services

This is a Web Application built to enable telemedicine with help of Azure Communication Services. It is heavily inspired from Contoso Med App and relies on Azure Communication Services as well as many other integrations such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory for management of doctor and manager accounts.

It enabled features such as discovery of doctors in the vicinity on based of their speciality and ratings that was garnered through users themselves. Using Pragava Patients can book online, in-person and doctor-visits for medication.

It also enabled patients to be in constant contact of doctors using chat feature without actually having to share contacts with doctors or hospitals.

It was built using ReactJs, JavaScript and ReduxJs for State-Management of the application. TailwindCSS was introduced in this application for the first time for me and I had a great time building the application with the help of it.

I learnt how to use colors with TailwindCSS and customize colors with the help of tailwind.config.js

The website is hosted here at -

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