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Posted Date - 5/6/2021Author Name - Ganesh Tiwari

Open Locker App

This project was my submission for Masters Degree. I submitted this on 21/06/2021 which marked as the final project I have submitted to complete my studies.

I had thought of this type of project for a while but never actually got motivated enough to pull it off but during the last 30 days of my studies, I had no other options.

Open Locker is a file storage solution which has resolver written for Azure Blob Storage implemented already and many others can be added to it.

It comes with a mobile-app which is made via Flutter and can be used with the api no-matter which backend the API uses. The main goal of this app was to give user complete control of where they want to store their data while still having all the major features of any other file-storage solution available in the app itself.

There are two parts of the Application which are currently built

  1. Backend -
  2. Android App -

There is a planned Web App in my mind but I haven't gotten into implementing it yet and whenever I will do it I will make sure to update about it here.

If you like the project and want to give me suggestions regarding it. Feel free to drop issues and leave me a message wherever you feel comfortable.

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Dotnet Core
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