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Posted Date - 12/15/2021Author Name - Ganesh Tiwari

Github Browser

Github Browser is a Windows Desktop Application built with Project Reunion Components. It is also a POC made to be demoed to showcase benefits of building with Project Reunion instead of normal Windows UWP SDK or traditional Windows XAML.

It uses Github API to fetch list of Github Repositories and enables you to search through the repositories to something that you might like and then read Repositories through the Markdown Renderer inside the application itself.

As it was a Native Application it used very less resources and without any repositories loaded it used to run under 25 megabytes of ram usage which I think was commendable when you take into consideration that it ran with the latest and greatest widgets of Windows.

At the point of writing this blog the application has not been released in public and there are only limited screenshots that I can share with the people reading this space and I have included them below.

Search Result Page

Settings Page

Single Repository Page

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