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Posted Date - 6/1/2021Author Name - Ganesh Tiwari

Contoso Med App

This app was made to showcase a POC of telemedicine app with the use of Azure Communication Services and using Web Technologies. This was made by with using ReactJs for Frontend, ReduxJs for State management and BootStrap for helping with styling of the project.

Features of the application are mentioned below

Azure Communication Service specific features

  • SMS service on appointment booking.
  • Chat service
    • Chat between Patient and QnA Bot.
    • Add doctor to the patient - bot conversation
  • Chat between Patient and Doctor.
  • Calling between Patient and Doctor.

General features

  • User authentication.
  • View doctors and book appointments.
  • Chat with QnA bot to book appointment or start a support consultation.

This project was demoed at Microsoft Ignite 2020 and project was then open-sourced and released on Github here.

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Made with ❤️ by  Ganesh Tiwari